I've always had dreams of having my own retail store.  It started in college when I worked in several stores in Boston.  Then when I moved to Florida I found myself once again behind the register.  I would have never believed at that time that we'd be shopping online...ever.  It would have seemed impossible and impersonal to me if you told me back then that we could shop online.  But here we are, able to do just about anything from anywhere!  2020 taught us that we can do even more than we ever imagined we could without being face-to-face with other people.  We have been forced to think outside of the box on just about everything.  

Shopping online is old news, of course.  But doing more of the things we used to do OUTSIDE of the home, like working, grocery shopping, taking classes, even graduating, has made us all realize that being at home can bring a sense of peace and well-being.  We learned to accept and appreciate it and many of us actually love it!  But let's be honest, it can feel like the same day over and over again if we don't make each day unique in some way.  Getting up and getting dressed even when we don't necessarily have anywhere to go or anyone to see is still important to our well-being.  

We can do all the things from home and still be comfortable even if we aren't in our jammies all day!  Or maybe we do want to be in jammies all day - that's okay, too!  My goal is to find items that evoke a feeling of ease, comfort, style, and are fun.  I hope you find something you love on our pages.  We are always adding new merchandise and offering specials. Be sure to subscribe and stay on top of everything we have coming up as we grow!